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The mobile web has emerged as the latest frontier in website development, as more and more users regularly access the Internet on smartphones such as iPhone, Android and other high-powered handheld devices. In fact, the growth of mobile Internet usage now outpaces traditional desktops as the most used digital device platform.

In order for your organization to thrive on the mobile web you’ll want to ensure your site is optimized for handheld viewing with mobile-friendly navigation, screen layout, content and overall design. You’ll also want to make sure that your site takes advantage of mobile-specific features and functionality. Learn more about the advantages of a mobile website.

There are a number of methods for mobile website development, and the most suitable approach will depend on your organization’s particular needs; in many cases it makes sense to have one website that is fully responsive to scale across all devices (from desktop, down to tablet and handheld); in other cases, you may want a mobile site that is separate and managed independently from your desktop site. Whatever the scenario, we can help you evaluate your options and make an informed transition to a successful mobile web presence.

Online Surveys And Analytics

Surveys and Analytics will help stregnthen your marketing efforts and enable you to reach out to your customers and obtain invaluable feedback. The insight that you can received from surveys and analytics can help your company make informed decisions and in most cases help you save when it comes to your marketing budget.

Using the right tools and research techniques that include Emailed web surveys, site intercepts, smartphone surveys, iPad/iPhone surveys, QR code invitations, social media interfaces (Twitter and Facebook), you can stay a step ahead of the competition and position your company for success.  Market Performance Analytics can help your business better understand your clients/customers to gain the insights needed to plan effectively, respond to changing market conditions, develop and maintain customer relationships, and improve operational effectiveness, our goal is to help you develop and deploy solutions that provide the “fastest path to the answer”.