20 Sep 2018

Video Production

iMarketing Video Production


iMarketing produces videos for commercial purposes such as movies, advertisements, music, or corporate promotions. We offer a wide range of services, from the pre-production stage and production stage to the post-production stage. When it comes to pre-production, our the entire process is professionally planned and organized. Apart from this, our services also include conceptualizing and video scripting. During the production stage, our video production service consists of setting up the equipment at the location and directing the filming. Post production services include editing and duplication.


Video production is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to present the potential, vision and mission of your business in an entertaining and engaging way. A video that is well produced has the potential of describing and explaining the mentioned features of your business, product or service in a short time. iMarketing will help you create a video that is entertaining and widely accepted by your customers.


Properly produced videos can be the key to increased business. Among other advantages, consumer video interaction will help your company have global approach and appeal. It will also help you create more inbound traffic. Depending on your needs and preferences, iMarketing video production experts can also help your video get massive airplay. An excellent video will definitely bring you enormous profits from the after sales. A well-produced video will also significantly increase your income that can be used to invest in other promotional opportunities that will help you unlock the true potential of your business.


Video helps you build trust with the consumers while also keeping them entertained. Lastly, a significant reason to hire iMarketing to produce your next video is to gain popularity or even fame. A quality video will quickly hit the social media and bring your business fame and status that may significantly increase your sales and improve the reputation of your company.

iMarketing Mobile Application Development

We Develop Enterprise Grade Mobile Apps with an Essence of Creativity!

iMarketing takes a commonsense approach when it comes to App Development rather than convenience. Whether it’s a startup or a business on the cusp of rapid growth, the right mobile application development would brings tremendous long term benefits to business, employees and customers alike.

At iMarketing, we design and develop high-end Mobile Apps that would seamlessly run on iOS, Android and Windows platforms. We believe that Information, in the right hands, has the power to change the world we live in. Our cutting-edge Mobile App development not only makes the app look beautiful but also creates intuitive user experiences. We develop creative and out-of-box mobile solutions that are high in efficiency and performance.


Our Methodology:

Strategy – We Plan and Deploy great mobile apps based on customer expectation and budget.

Design – Our skilled designers carve perfect architecture, application flow & user interface that drive engagement.

Development – We give life to the design by making it feature rich, high performing and highly secure on all mobile platforms.

QA Testing – Our QA experts test each pixel & code to ensure its functionality, usability, performance and security.

Deploy & Maintain – We cover both launching an App successfully and maintain its lifecycle by periodic health check and updates.

App Analytics – We analyze metrics for bringing the valuable insights by assessing user behavior & their profiles


Types of Mobile Apps We Develop:

Ecommerce Apps – Take your e-store to your buyers’ palmtop with our ecommerce store apps that strike a chord with your target audience.

Business Apps – Whatever be your business, we will help you to turn thoughtful solutions into apps that makes an impact.

Utility Apps – Customized utility applications for easy monetization of your business.

Game Apps – Create game of your dreams with our 2D & 3D gaming applications.


iMarketing has an experienced team of professionals with years of experience developing Mobile Apps that helps our clients achieve their goals when it comes to App Development. Whether it is about reaching out to the target markets and customers or promoting team building and co-operation, we make it possible more efficiently & effectively.

Bring in your idea and we will transform it to a Mobile App to achieve your dreams!

Contact us to discuss how a Mobile App can be integrated into your business idea to take it to the next level.