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Corporate identity and why you need it…

A corporate identity or corporate image is the manner which a company, corporation, firm or business presents themselves to the public (such as customers and investors as well as employees). By definition is the mere combination of features such as colour schemes, designs, words etc that a company puts into action to make a visual statement about itself. It is the image that the company views itself and how it wishes to be viewed by the customers, the market place, the competitors etc.

When a company invests in corporate identity it shows that the company is a stable unit striving for success giving the sense of security and trust to the customers. It also gives the sense of culture and personality of the company stressing out that the company is there to stay and become instantly recognised to the audience.


The following four key brand requirements are critical for a successful corporate identity strategy.

Differentiation. In today’s highly competitive market, brands need to have a clear differentiation or reason for being. What they represent needs to stand apart from others in order to be noticed, make an impression, and to ultimately be preferred.

Relevance. Brands need to connect to what people care about out in the world. To build demand, they need to understand and fulfil the needs and aspirations of their intended audiences.

Coherence. To assure credibility with their audiences, brands must be coherent in what they say and do. All the messages, all the marketing communications, all the brand experiences, and all of the product delivery need to hang together and add up to something meaningful.

Esteem. A brand that is differentiated, relevant and coherent is one that is valued by both its internal and external audiences. Esteem is the reputation a brand has earned by executing clearly on both its promised and delivered experience.


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